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We need to reset the Force

Published:Monday | September 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The recent death of young Mario Deane at the Barnett Street police station has brought into the open the nature of how most of us locals are perceived by our police force.

Although this is a very sad indictment on our system in general, it is nothing strange to those of us who are conscious of the bitter episode of our history here in Jamaica.

The nature and modus operandi of our police force today is in keeping with the colonial spirit that brought it into existence from the days of Paul Bogle.

The force was brought into play to suppress the black people of Jamaica who started to agitate for true independence and better treatment.

It would be foolish of one to expect the ex-slave masters to establish a system that would then put their ex-subjects on par with them after years of oppressing and suppressing them.

Despite our so-called independence, the colonial spirit of our judiciary and other forms of governance is still alive and maintained by our leaders.

The idea of viewing black people in Jamaica with contempt and as someone to be suppressed and oppressed is evident in the behaviour of many of our high officials in every aspect of our Jamaican power structure.

The bitterest part of this poison, to me, is the participation of my black mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters in this white colonial prejudice and sabotage that is being meted out to us.

A lot of our black people in Jamaica readily and vigorously administer this poison to their own whilst been totally oblivious to the foundation that they are helping to maintain.

Some of our politicians know of what I speak, some of them have uttered sentiments to that effect recently in showing sympathy for Mr Deane. However, it is very sad that it took such a savage and wicked situation to squeeze a little conscience and sense of justice out of them.

When will we let go of a colonial system that is set up and operating to our detriment?

Ras Roger Deacon