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Spanish Town cops maliciously targeting cabbies

Published:Tuesday | September 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: From as early as 6 a.m., the streets of Spanish Town, St Catherine, are buzzing with officers of the law whose main interest is simply to write as many traffic tickets as they possibly can.

While in a line of traffic, a passenger got out of a car, and the driver was told he should have ensured the child safety was on the door. He was then given a ticket despite cries of, "How could I have known the passenger would have stepped out?" All because the driver had his badge, was wearing his uniform, along with a seat belt, and no other charges were permissible. That was an unfair use of authority.

It is a crying shame how hard some of these men have to work to support their families and remain bill-paying, law-abiding citizens to have become targets like this while babies are being raped repeatedly, houses are broken into, guns are being trafficked across the island and no major accomplishments are being made in such areas.

It's as if taxi men are their feeding trough from as little as the breakfast money to the rent that is due, as some may go as far as to tell you that they need.

Another issue is the rule that stipulates no stopping along the Young Street stretch of road leading down to Spanish Town High School. Totally ridiculous, if you ask me. Why would one take a taxi if, as a student, one can't even get off at the gate but instead one is told to get off in the terminus, then walk back up the road to school.

The authorities need to make adjustments to create a layby for better usage: I say, right lane for stops; left, if continuing to the terminus, using minor lanes nearby to exit the town, if so desired. Simple. What exists cannot continue.


Spanish Town, St Catherine