Thu | Aug 16, 2018

PPV Drivers The Worst

Published:Tuesday | September 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: The recent death of a woman and her son in a taxi in St Catherine highlights the indiscipline of most taxi and bus drivers. They are among the worst.

The Linstead taxi drivers take pride in overtaking around corners in the Bog Walk gorge. Red Hills Road taxi drivers make a third lane down the middle of the thoroughfare as they overtake the line of morning traffic. Papine taxi drivers stop in the middle lane in Liguanea as they pick up passengers from Sovereign Centre.

Coaster buses are also a law unto themselves. They speed and intimidate drivers as they weave in and out of lanes.

This is sheer anarchy and it is quite surprising the figures are not double their average 300 per year.

What is the cause of this public passenger vehicle lawlessness? The police must take much of the blame.

1. Policemen own many of these taxi and buses.

2. Police accept bribes and let drivers off when they're caught in traffic offences.

3. Police have little presence in areas where buses and taxi drivers run amok.

The lack of enforcement of the points system is also a cause, as taxi men and bus drivers who have accumulated hundreds of points are still allowed to get behind the wheel. Until laws are enforced, government officials should keep their mouths shut when these drivers kill off innocent people on the road.

I have visited countries where citizens' safety is a real priority, and PPV drivers are the most careful and disciplined on the road. There is a higher standard for them, as the lives of innocent people are in their hands every day.

Until we get serious about road safety, we will continue to count bodies and listen to empty speeches of politicians at their funerals.