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JPS sheds light on Lorrimers

Published:Tuesday | September 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I write in response to the article published recently in the Saturday Gleaner, with the headline 'Lorrimers residents treated like second-rate citizens' (August 23, 2014).

In this letter, Paul Patmore, councillor for the Lorrimers division, expressed his frustration with utility companies and their treatment of the Lorrimers division. He specifically pointed out that there is a lack of street lights in the division and that JPS has made many promises to install street lights and carry out repairs, to no avail.

I wish to clarify that though JPS is responsible for the installation of street lights, the approval of street lights is the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Local Government. It means that for new street lights to be installed in the Lorrimers division, an application would have to be made to the Ministry of Local Government for its approval.


Councillor Patmore went on to state that utility companies are discriminatory in their treatment of rural communities and that the Lorrimers division, in particular, is not treated with the same importance as other parts of Jamaica.

I would like to draw attention to an article published in another publication on August 21, 2014, with the title, 'Over 600 fixed: Defective street lights repaired in Trelawny since January'. This article reported that more than 623 street lights were repaired in Trelawny since the start of the year, with 52 of those done in the Lorrimers division in August.

As a natural part of its business activity, JPS continues to actively repair defective street lights in ALL parishes across the island. The company will also continue to honour its obligations to install street lights that are approved by the Ministry of Local Government, once the company has been notified. The company also commits to continue working with Councillor Patmore to repair defective street lights within the Lorrimers division in the shortest possible time.


Corporate Communication Officer, JPS