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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | September 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Family affair

1 It's turning into quite a family affair. Husband and wife's sister getting cozy while the cousins seemed uncomfortably close out there on the beach. This scene is played out over and over as the A-listers enjoy sea and sun from their luxury villa.

Making amends?

2Another Olympic athlete is said to be mulling the idea of entering representational politics. He would be following in the not-too-distinguished footsteps of his dad. Some are saying it is an opportunity to make amends.

Commissioner of police candidate

3 Diaspora voices have been loudly proclaiming the merits of their candidate for commissioner of police from their adopted homes over yonder. Meantime, those here at home are asking: If you all love your country so much, why don't you return home and help to build it? By the way, is that candidate a dual citizen?

Perpetually acting disaster expert

4 The most unkind among us are suggesting that the disaster expert is all set for an Oscar - they say he has been acting for such a long time ... seriously, why can't he be confirmed in his post?