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Teamwork at Fern Gully

Published:Friday | September 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

On Saturday, September 6, 2014, we decided to journey outside of Kingston and headed to Ocho Rios for two reasons - one, to get out of the metropolitan jungle and relax with good friends and two, to test the newly opened North/South Toll Road, which was started by the French and completed by the Chinese.

The journey on the toll was less than I expected, but I will get to that later. On completing the toll road, we continued merrily, with the typical chatter about life; current affairs, etc. - the usual that makes driving less stressful. Going through Fern Gully, we commented that the drought in Kingston had not spread to the rich surroundings of this area when, suddenly, a huge tree along the sharp hillside snapped and came tumbling down. Quickly, I stopped the car a few feet from the outer branch.

We were now at a standstill!

Sizing up the situation, I realised that two options confronted us. Stay and wait indefinitely until the Works Agency or fire department arrived to do the clean-up job, or, take the alternative route through Breadnut Hill.

But wait! A third option was on the table. WE could do the clean-up instead. Quickly, the motorists, who by now had grown to a sizable number, united and, without hesitation, all hands were on board chopping and sawing [with a hacksaw]. In one accord, we were able to dismantle the large tree into pieces and move it along the roadside so we could all continue on our respective journeys.

Our parting comments were quite gracious to each other, but the most profound comment was: "If we could all come together as a nation like we just did, we could fix Jamaica." I wish to place on record my appreciation to those men, especially the gentleman with the hacksaw and the driver of the Coaster bus. A BIG-UP TO YOU ALL! Lesson learnt! There is still hope for our blessed country.

Devon R. Smith