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LIME's value clear, concise

Published:Friday | September 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

LIME responds to a letter in The Gleaner on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 where the writer used inaccurate information to allege unfair conduct on our part.

LIME wishes to set the record straight with regard to the writer's misinformation about the international calling rates we recently advertised.

LIME advertises the popular $1.99 per minute rate to call the USA, Canada or landlines in the UK for mobile customers on the MVP Plan - since most Jamaicans place the majority of overseas calls to those destinations. To that degree, it is now deep public knowledge that this all-time-low rate applies ONLY to these select countries.

At no time did we advertise rates to Aruba as being part of a suite of "low international calling rates" on MVP or any other plan, as asserted by the writer, a Mr Patrick Benjamin, who we are still trying to locate on our customer database so that we may put the matter into context for him. It is a widely known fact that call rates to international destinations differ - at times by significant amounts.

Calling rates to less-frequently called destinations like Aruba and most other countries are charged in accordance with interconnection rates applied by the telecoms authorities and operators in those countries. We have no choice but to pass these charges to customers calling those destinations and, in most cases, we add little or no mark-up to the interconnection rates which can, at times, be already high for the consumer.

While rates to Aruba have recently been adjusted in accordance with the true cost of connecting calls to that destination, we have not increased call charges to all international destinations, nor has LIME misled the public by way of advertising or otherwise in this regard. For Mr Benjamin to have stated that our recent advertising promotes low international calling rates to all destinations and then suggest that "these very same international rates underwent a massive increase ..." is a false and misleading interpretation of the facts.

As a responsible corporate citizen and a regulated entity, we take the publication of this misinformation with great concern and we thank you for this opportunity to clarify the issue for Mr Benjamin.

LIME safeguards its enshrined position as Jamaica's telecoms value provider with great humility and we will continue to deliver on that expectation through fair pricing and clear communication with the public.

Elon parkinson

Corporate Communication manager, LIME