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LIME CEO's refreshing approach to customer service

Published:Friday | September 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

I listened to LIME CEO Garfield Sinclair during a radio interview on Nationwide 90FM recently, sounding all but boastful about his company coming out tops in the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) Customer Satisfaction Survey. I found it rather refreshing for a CEO, having also beaten its main rival, Digicel, to have been so humble about the glowing result of an independent survey when asked by the host about LIME's reaction to it.

I recall Mr Sinclair saying that LIME, though honoured, is "... not resting on its laurels" and will be putting measures in place to push its 72 per cent overall customer satisfaction ranking into the 90s. Bravo!

That, I believe, is the most positive message to have come from a company freshly acknowledged for its high customer-service ranking. Keep pushing for excellence. Customer satisfaction is not only about making sure that one delights customers in the good times, for that oft can be an easy thing to do. The challenge is more potent during times of adversity.

And, as I reviewed the OUR survey and recalled only recently that Mr Sinclair did what perhaps no other Jamaican CEO has done before - that is, to face the public and apologise for issues LIME was having with its mobile network as a result of ongoing expansion, I thought that there would not have been a better company to have received the prestigious accolade.

We have in this country what I like to describe as a 'cover-up' customer-service culture, generally to 'save face' and reputation. However, I find that when there is truth in dealing forthrightly with your customers - even in the bad times - that, too, can deliver a measure of satisfaction that they will reward you for when the time is right.

The lesson here is not to run from your customers when things are going wrong, but to face them up front, bare all, take the blows, but fix their problem.

Hard to do all at once, but it appears Mr Sinclair and his team of communicators are getting it right.

Perhaps the JPS, which ranked at the bottom of the pack of the OUR survey, could dial in to Mr Sinclair and benefit from an infusion of LIME.

Grace-Ann Sanderson