Sun | Sep 23, 2018

Feminist forces capture PAJ

Published:Tuesday | September 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: Senator Imani Duncan-Price and members of the 51% Coalition must be jumping for joy because their dreams seem to have been realised, with only one hurdle to cross.

If one looks at the composition of the newly installed executive of the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ), one would realise that out of the five members, there are four females and a single male. What is most interesting about it all is that many have overlooked the sex-ratio imbalance for reasons that can be attributed to feminist-driven programmes.

It is as if when the composition of important bodies has more females, in this case 60 percentage points more females than males, it is perfectly fine and no one feels the need to journey up to the University of the West Indies to orchestrate a 'gender issues' forum. I dare say if the composition were the reverse, we would not hear the end of it.

Feminist forces in Jamaica have managed to trick all of us into believing that gender issues are exclusively related to women, ultimately desensitising the populace to the issues facing men or rendering them insignificant - intentionally or subliminally.

Finally, I find it fitting to highlight the fact that for three consecutive terms, a woman will lead the PAJ, and many like myself are still waiting for the radical difference.