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Practise safety with pesticides, chemicals and medication

Published:Tuesday | September 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The Caribbean Poison Information Network, located in the School of Pharmacy, University of Technology, has been in existence for the past nine years. The mission of the network is:

Preventing poisonings through public education.

Providing poison information to all clients in a timely manner.

Advocating for policies that will protect the health and welfare of the most vulnerable and at-risk populations to poisonings.

Working with stakeholders to build regional cooperation in poison prevention and management.

The Poison Centre networks with the Pesticides Control Authority to educate the Jamaican public in the proper handling, storage and disposal of expired chemicals in an effort to prevent accidental poisoning.

household cleaning agents

Pesticides are not the only chemicals that needs the eagle eye, household cleaning agents that are oftentimes used improperly, using a higher concentration than proposed by the manufacturer, mixing cleaning agents that should not be mixed such as bleach with disinfectant and the synergistic effect is often times experienced with headaches, watery eyes and allergy triggers. The Poison Centre encourages the general public to:

Store pesticides and household chemicals, especially bleach and medication, out of the reach of children.

Do not store chemicals in food look alike containers such as soda and water bottles.

Read all labels and check expiration dates before use.

Always follow the manufacturers' instructions.

For additional information, call the Poison Centre at 1888- POISONS or 1888-764-7667.