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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | September 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Husbands depending on wives

1. People are saying that these are the days when men are climbing on the backs of their wives, not like in former years when it was the other way around. So if your wife is well connected and wears the right colours be assured that it could make a huge difference in your future achievements.

Where are the men?

2. The gender imbalance at the tertiary level has not improved one bit. Bright, young women and finding it hard to find mates. Some are even looking to Europe these days to see whether they can find partners. Some say that's not a bad thing. It may mean more genuine brownings.

No happiness

3. The politician turned academic appears to have disappeared from the hallowed halls. No one can explain his absence and even the students cannot get a straight answer. Some say it all boils down to money and he is gone where he can get more.

Gambling and families

4. We return to the matter of gambling among corporate executives. Something needs to be done urgently because many families are being torn apart by this addictive habit. No one is speaking up. The problem appears to be growing.