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Mario Deane witness mystery escape baffling

Published:Wednesday | September 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: We find recent developments in the Mario Deane beating death case troubling.

The police reported that 21-year-old Fahdean Ferguson, an alleged witness to the beating of Mario Deane, escaped from the Freeport Police Station, where he was taken for an identification process.

From the onset, the police accounts on the matter, and now this worrying escape, further raise questions in the minds of the public as to the truthfulness of the police allegations relating to the beating of Mario Deane in police custody and his subsequent death.

One would have thought that such a critical witness to the alleged beating of Mario by cellmates, and a matter which has attracted international scrutiny, the police would have taken every step to secure such a critical eyewitness.

The escape and preceding incidents also betray an underlying management/leadership deficit in the parish.

The new police commissioner, Dr Carl Williams; INDECOM; and the police inspectorate must investigate the circumstances leading to the escape of this critical witness.



Co-Convenors, Citizens' Action for Principle and Integrity