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Chik-V bites into US tourist

Published:Wednesday | September 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am writing to you with regards to the debilitating effects of chikungunya. I have been suffering for three days now after visiting St Thomas, more specifically, Duhaney Pen. Most of my family members who live in Duhaney Pen have either suffered, or are currently, afflicted by chikungunya. More important, my new grandchild (three months old) was recently diagnosed (Sunday).

How many more cases need to be confirmed before fogging takes place?

As the past president of the Associate of Branches Society, St Thomas (JAS), the people of this parish mean a great deal to me and I am concerned that their needs are not being met.

Let me enlighten you on the excruciatingly painful symptoms chikungunya presents.

First, lethargy begins, then the joints start to ache to the point that it is extremely painful to walk or even go to the toilet. After the joints start to hurt, the muscles join in with throbbing pain. Let's not forget the pounding headache and the retching. The symptoms continue ad nauseam.

Because I am only visiting Jamaica from Denver, Colorado, I would hate to think that other visitors may contract the virus and thus create more difficulties for the tourist industry.

I hope my plea does not fall on deaf ears and that your office conduct fogging.


Fairy Hill PO, Portland