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Suggestions for Vin Lawrence committee

Published:Friday | September 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am glad to see Dr Vin Lawrence's energy committee working fast and coming up with outside-the-box solutions to our problems. I suggest for consideration by the committee two further items for the agenda:

1) The possibility of coordination with the National Water Commission as to when it pumps water, as a way of reducing peak demand and using slack generation capacity. This will be increasingly interesting when there are more renewables in the system.

2) The drafting of an energy storage policy for Jamaica, something that we are beginning to need in place, to allow continued growth in renewables without the need for complete backup with conventional generation. This could be by pumped storage, batteries, or the many other methods now available, and will need the amount of storage phased in as the amount of renewables rises.

I hope that the committee can contribute to making energy strategy a longer-term debate, once the panic of the short-term issues are dealt with.


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