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Dance for me

Published:Monday | September 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Randy Bowman, Acting Assistant Lifestyle Coordinator

"Look into the mirror! Tell me your favourite body part. Don't be afraid to touch and feel either ... . Now, go grab a chair!" These instructions were shouted by transformation coach Caleen Diedrick who used her spirited personality to connect with the six women in the room. She changed the shy, cautious atmosphere into one of uninhibited self-expression.

This was my recent sexy dance experience at Fervida Unleashed, which Diedrick established to empower women through dance. Inspired by the need to fill a void for women, she decided to host a series of workshops with a two-prong objective - physical and sexual awareness. She wanted to help women become "more authentic in their expression, fall in love with themselves, drop the baggage of life and at the same time build or in some cases, enhance confidence".

Physically, you get a great workout. "I lift weights daily and I felt some muscles that were dormant for sometime now being worked," remarked personal trainer at Gymkana, Gisel Harrow. "It worked my abs, glutes, chest and arms," she added.

There is also a personal sexual satisfaction you get as sexy dancing empowers you and frees your sense of self-expression. A lap dance session between two lovers can be one of the most thrilling experiences.

"Use your body language to communicate with your lover and hold his attention! Imagine the man you've raped mentally more than a million times is sitting right there in front you," she says, as she points to the chair. "This is the last chance you will have to 'love' him!"

Lee-Anna McGregor, a participant in the session, was not shy in expressing her intentions as she noted, "I know I will be putting what I learned to good use in the bedroom."

This experience is certainly not for the faint of heart. Diedrick said there are three things you will need for this class: attitude, your sexiest body language and the ability to let go.

As John Legend's Tonight blasted through the speakers of the aerobics room, we strutted our stuff as if our mortgage depended on it. With all the demands of modern-day life, a girl certainly needs options when it comes time to refocus on her and keeping her relationship alive.

Caleen Diedrick does corporate and private classes in addition to
her weekly classes at 22 Hopefield Ave and can be contacted at 575-6733,, on Facebook at Fervida Unleashed.