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Police warn of robbery threat to business people

Published:Tuesday | September 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The police say they are concerned about the trend of robberies taking place in the business community and are again advising operators and owners to adopt safe practices when transporting large sums of cash.

This renewed call for precaution is even as the police report that their robbery statistics for the period January 1 to September 20, 2014 are showing a decrease of 19 per cent, when compared with the corresponding period in 2013.

"In spite of the decrease and continued efforts to bring the figures even lower, the police are very concerned about the trends observed in the commission of robberies, especially involving members of the business community," they said in a release and suggested that the following precautions be taken as far as is possible:

Avoid travelling with, or directing employees to travel with, large sums of money to and from the bank and other financial institutions.

If you must travel with valuables and money, avoid routines. Change your movement patterns, schedules and method of conveyance. Use an armed courier service where possible or call the police for assistance.

Avoid large cash transactions; use cheques and credit cards or online-payment systems.

Be very attentive on the roads, in public spaces, at work, and at home at all times. Take note of suspicious persons, avoid them, and, when you can, report them.

Always be conscious of your environment and do not be distracted by cell phones and other gadgets.

Calls can be made to the police emergency 119 number, 311, or the nearest police station.