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Cops won't act against abusive money-grabber

Published:Tuesday | September 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am in awe of the number of domestic violence cases in Jamaica that go unnoticed by the authorities. My brother and his wife have been in a bitter dispute for about one year. In the past year, she has vandalised his vehicles, thrown his clothes in the streets in the middle of the night, has vandalised the home he was living in.

My brother, in all these instances, has done the right thing. He has reported her behaviour to several police stations throughout the Kingston area. She has towed his vehicle and left it in a place for it to be vandalised. Finally, she told him she took his pictures to a gunman to have him killed.

We reported this to the police and they said, "Well, it is your wife, maybe you can work things out." I asked the officer, "When will you guys pay attention? When he is dead?" They said there is nothing that can be done because it's a civil matter.

She has terrorised my brother to the point where he has to look over his shoulder every time he leaves the house. She has manipulated the system to strip my brother of finances. They had a joint bank account with funds in excess of US$1 million. My brother went to the bank to get them to put a freeze on the account so that neither he nor she could withdraw funds until the divorce is final. The adviser at the bank told my brother that he would need her signature to do this.

Last week, he went to the bank again to make sure the funds were still there, and lo and behold, she had closed the joint account and transferred the monies into an account with just her name.

How can she do these things and get away with it? She has stripped my brother of his vehicles, finances and peace of mind. The only way that Jamaica pays attention to domestic violence is when one of the parties ends up dead. What is Jamaica going to do about this issue?