Thu | Jan 17, 2019

Butt out of buggery debate, Mr Robinson

Published:Wednesday | September 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I write with regard to Gordon Robinson's article 'The war has just begun', published on September 21, 2014, in The Sunday Gleaner.

Mr Robinson's dislike of, and bias against, the "religiously righteous" is palpable. But, Sir, the question is, are they correct to support the criminalisation of buggery?

All laws are based on ideas. Currently, the law is based on the Judaeo-Christian idea that buggery is morally wrong. Has this idea been proven to be wrong? Have the outcomes that it has produced been harmful to humans? I suggest not.

In fact, the idea that buggery is normal goes against what is patently obvious: Two different types of humans with two different sex organs which fit like hand and glove, which gives pleasure from their fitting together and from which other humans are produced.

The threat of homosexuals marrying women and passing on HIV is nonsense. Homosexuals do not desire women. Mr Robinson is speaking about another set of men - bisexuals. He should know that persons who wilfully pass on HIV to their spouses are committing a criminal offence. Perhaps time would have been better spent informing the public about this fact.

The law exists to point to what is good and exists for our protection. The statistic on HIV among MSM is not good, especially in countries without buggery laws. What Mr Robinson is encouraging is a world in which sexual pleasure is primary, even to the detriment of the individual and society.

Jamaica does not support ideas that make possible and set in motion the normalisation of buggery. Not all change is for the better.


Rosemount, St James