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May mosquitoes sting Ferguson into action

Published:Wednesday | September 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I can't help, but ask a simple question. What purpose does our minister of health, Dr Fenton Ferguson, serve? Is he simply oblivious to the fact that thousands of us, Jamaicans - man, woman and child, upper class, middle class and lower class - are being walloped by the chikungunya virus.

Worst of all, one entire football team is reeling from the symptoms of chikungunya, not to mention many players in other sports teams are out sick.

Dr Ferguson keeps on telling people on national television that the ministry is on top of the problem and that we have just 31 confirmed cases and a few hundred suspects! Where is this man living?

The more the minister misleads the Jamaican people, the less credibility he has. He is now at a point where he virtually has none whatsoever.

My money would have been better spent pooling the same tax dollars with that of my neighbours and providing our own health care, fogging, vector control and other activities than wait on a Government in a deep state of denial about what is now a full-blown epidemic.

Madam Prime Minister, can you rescue us from Minister Ferguson?


Russell Heights, Kingston 8