Thu | Aug 16, 2018

Shame on Jamaicans!

Published:Thursday | September 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: This Chikungunya situation is really getting out of control. It has brought home to me the high level of ignorance and disregard for self and country among the population, including Jamaicans living abroad.

People seem to want to dwell on the negative and anything else that portrays Jamaica as the worst country ever. Imagine a Jamaican in Florida writing and saying they want to come home and can't because of chikungunya. Well, for your information, Florida has chikungunya, too, and worse things that you can get, like flesh-eating bacteria.

Chikungunya is spread by the type of mosquitoes that we harbour in our personal environment, yet people refuse to do anything about that. They prefer to spend money on repellents, zappers, mosquito destroyers, and neglect the most important thing - getting rid of mosquito breeding sites in the environment! Apparently, the Government is supposed to come inside people's yards and homes even to get that done.

It is a real shame how Jamaicans are reacting right now. No wonder the virus is spreading so rapidly.

Suzette Smith