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Time to stop bashing CVM

Published:Friday | September 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: In response to the article 'CVM hit by Da Vinci F-Bombs' published in The Gleaner on Friday, September 12, 2014, I would like to use this medium to highlight the unfair disparagement that CVM has been receiving over the past months.

While I don't support the airing of expletives (and if that has occurred, I urge CVM to look seriously into how programmes are edited), I think there is a coordinated effort from persons to lambaste the station.

I have read articles from viewers, and even the Broadcasting Commission prior to the World Cup, and I must say CVM has been given a heavy and unfair hand. In some parts of Jamaica, CVM has good broadcast quality while, in other parts, the quality, although watchable, is not as strong. In the past, TVJ, too, has carried programmes laced with sexual scenes and has had instances where expletives were aired, yet it wasn't criticised.

It is important to note that several of the programmes currently being aired on TVJ were all built and developed at CVM, and no one has questioned how they ended up on TVJ when CVM boasted a high viewership rate. I hope that someday the truth about why these shows seem to find their way on TVJ after doing well on CVM will be revealed.

CVM continues to air quite a few first-rate shows. Currently, there is a new buzz about its late-night drama series and daytime soap operas. I must also commend CVM for its excellent coverage and analysis of sports.

I think it is time we give credit where credit is due. Both CVM and TVJ are doing exceptionally well in broadcast media, and both stations have areas that need improvement.


Media Practitioner, NCU