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Storyboards of outstanding Queen's School alumni presented to institution

Published:Friday | September 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Alessandro Boyd, Gleaner Writer

Hundreds of students who attend the Queen's School in St Andrew looked on in amazement yesterday as storyboards representing some of the outstanding people who passed through the school were presented to the institution.

These individuals were already honoured in August by the Class of 1980 Grand Gala Committee as part of the school's 60th anniversary celebrations. However, the storyboards were handed over to the school at a ceremony on the grounds of the Queen's School.

"This morning, it was shown to the student body because these storyboards will be placed in the auditorium when it is built. For now, they will be displayed in the library," Jennifer Williams, principal of The Queen's School, told The Gleaner.

"We want the girls to see them on a regular basis, this will help to motivate them as they will see that there are persons who came to the school that are out there doing well," she added.


Williams noted that they were dedicated to the building of the auditorium even though it may seem a long way off. The project will cost more than $100 million.

"Fundraising for the auditorium will continue because we only have $1.1 million from the banquet in August. We want to be able to house 2,500 persons in the auditorium, as right now, we can only accommodate about 600 and that is very inconvenient for the students," she said.

Williams added, "We intend to start when we see at least half of the money. We have a long way to go but we are still pushing ahead, as we have to start somewhere. It has been a dream for many of the past principals, students and teachers ... .

"What you find is that persons always wanted to have the auditorium, now that we are in 2014, we see it as a need and we want to really ensure that this dream comes to life. We know that it is challenging at times but we will find a way, we are calling on support even if the private sector needs to come on board."