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British Airways' agent soars above the ordinary

Published:Saturday | September 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I believe that many companies today are lacking in their customer-service delivery, but there is this individual who I admire the most who gives consistent customer service. She is Kay-Ann Ricketts of British Airways.

My first encounter with this young lady was last year when I was travelling to London for my vacation. I stood in the line and prayed that this young lady would be the one to check me in. My prayer was answered. I was greeted with the warmest smile, and she was very professional and thorough during the process.

In April of this year, I escorted a family member to the airport who was travelling on British Airways. While we were there waiting in the line, I was surprised to hear my aunt say that she wanted to be checked in by the same agent for whom I prayed to check me in months ago. Again, this agent delivered excellent customer service.

Recently, I was at the airport with my mother, who was travelling on British Airways. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for a few hours, but this agent made a difference. I have never seen so many wheelchair-mobile passengers travelling on an airline before.

My mother was eighth in line and the agent came from behind the counter and sincerely apologised to the passengers for the delay. I watched how the agent dealt with each passenger. She was very consistent. Her smile alone warms my heart.

While at the airport waiting for the flight to depart, I noticed a beautiful picture of the same agent on the wall. She was awarded NMIA Airports Limited Customer Service Star of the Quarter. She deserves this award and more. Organisations need more agents like her. Congratulations to Kay-Ann Ricketts of British Airways!