Tue | Sep 18, 2018

Chronixx too childish

Published:Tuesday | September 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I admire State Minister Damion Crawford, Minister Lisa Hanna and reggae artiste Chronixx, who was reported to have blasted the aforementioned two and 'our' Government for a slipshod performance in the development of the Jamaican music product.

Chronixx's remarks, as reported in The Weekend Star dated Friday, September 26, 2014, show that he is a baby in the business. He was apparently hurt, but his hurt-filled statements were like that of a bawling child and not of a warrior who was sent by the Saviour.

Chronixx did not even Google or ask somebody to remind him of Damion Crawford's name. Jah know, Rasta, don't do such things ever again!

The issue of "I know what you don't know" was Chronixx's further descent into being childish. All this coming from such a lyrically skilled and dove-like, cool Chronixx has left me confounded. It is as if a rebel group or person had held him hostage physically, or by blackmail, and forced these statements out of him.

Maybe Chronixx just lacks the grooming that most local artistes get either through inspiration from, or being shown the rudiments by, senior artistes, before reaching heights reached and heights promised.



Norwood, St James