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Sunday TV hijacked by churches

Published:Tuesday | September 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: Programming on Sunday mornings serves as a glaring reminder of how lacking in diversity our media are. In the early hours of the day on both CVM TV and TVJ, there is only televangelism for anyone who is without cable or chooses to watch local stations to observe. In addition to that, Christian or spiritual-themed shows follow.

The concern is that not only Christians or religious individuals comprise the audiences that both stations cater to. Contrary to what we want to believe about ourselves, we are not all Christians, or even spiritual, nor are these prerequisites to be Jamaican. Not all Jamaicans get up, put on their Sunday best, and go to church or look forward to Bible teachings. Jamaica has large, thriving non-Christian and non-religious or spiritual sects which are systematically being ignored in the media.

It all boils down to money, as more Christian groups seem to be paying to have their services aired. But being financially accountable enterprises shouldn't mean a loss of in-house power.


St Andrew