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Don't celebrate mediocrity

Published:Thursday | October 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: It has become the norm for political parties and their supporters to celebrate mediocre performance in Jamaica. As I recap the happenings of the PNP's conference a week ago, I was astonished by the hundreds of attendees who cheered on the Government for their inability to get it right. Sadly, many of those same supporters would be returning to a week of unemployment.

How can a government celebrate when every morning thousands of university graduates wake up unemployed and many underemployed? How can a sensible government celebrate when what is supposed to be its most productive in the population is being wasted away with every trumpet blown? It just does not spell sense and they ought to be ashamed. But, this is Jamaica, and I have to be careful as the facts are not considered politically correct.

The Government has been trumpeting job creation and small business start-up, but where is the venture capital and the market availability? It has even gone as far as telling graduates to look overseas for jobs. When you export the most productive sector of your population what will happen to the country?

Call me what you may, but the reality staring at us is that Jamaica is on the brink of civil unrest and the Government needs to act quickly. Unfortunately, no one cares to check the facts as we're too busy celebrating that which is not real.

Okeino Robinson