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Combating diseases at our ports

Published:Thursday | October 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I note that the Ebola virus has now expanded outside of Africa. This indeed is of great concern since travel is indeed a global business and people movement is difficult to control. I believe, however, that we can seek to protect ourselves in some way, such as implementing dress code for persons using our ports of entry, in addition to the other screening measures already developed.

I observed that with the increased level of security checks at the airports, travellers seem to be travelling in less and less clothing. I have seen shorts that cover only the bare essentials. Tops that are so low at the top and so high at the bottom that almost the entire half of the body is left uncovered. I have seen bleeding tattoos and uncovered sores and raw rashes on planes and in the airports.

With more and more diseases coming to the fore, I believe it is high time that airlines and airports institute a dress code.

Most government offices in Jamaica have a dress code for its customers. It is my opinion that all business places should put same into effect. I know that the matter of human-rights issues may be advanced but we need as a people to protect ourselves. Jamaica can take the lead in ensuring that persons are properly attired when entering its ports. It is up to the airlines to cooperate. This, in my opinion, will assist in avoiding individuals getting in direct contact with the body fluid waste of others.

With regard to chik-V, more clothes will stave off mosquito bites also.


Cedar Grove


St Catherine