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Home remedies for chik-V and much more

Published:Saturday | October 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Five of us, retired professionals now in our eighties, have been friends from high-school days.

In September, four of us were knocked down by chikungunya, had all the symptoms, and limped and shuffled to the doctors. They faithfully followed their doctors' instructions and watched me warily while I continued to take things they say would, one of these days, poison me.

Unlike them, I got influenza and its attending ills. Besides, I couldn't find the $8,000 to fly to the doctor like them.

Mr Editor, I drink guinea hen weed with a little ginger in it. I started drinking it a couple of years ago when one of my neighbours was cured of prostate cancer. I feel that a tonic like that could not possibly hurt me, female or not.

Then on my shake-and-take list is cinnamon and honey for the arthritis, bissy (kola nut) for system cleansing, leaf of life for colds, fever grass for rising temperatures, and aloe vera for when I'm feeling low, as I'm an upbeat person.

I know they're watching me out of the corners of their eyes and are viewing me with grave suspicion as the country prepares for Ebola. I told them I'm going to mix all of the above potions, add a measuring cup of white rum, and be ready if Ebola gets here before the container in Panama arrives with our medical supplies and protective gear.

Mr Editor, I will excuse their remarks about my mental health and share the concoction with them when they ask. My grandmother taught us about mustard seed faith. (Yu know where I can get mustard seeds to put in the pot?) She also taught us to 'help the doctor'.