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Your 30s Bucket List

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

We all have expectations for our lives and, as Flair celebrates
its 30th anniversary, we have come up with a list of things that you
should accomplish and try (at least once) before your 30th birthday.

1. Get a degree

We have always heard that education is the key to success. Getting that first degree is a great way of getting started in your career. Make sure you have that covered by the big 30.

2. Try something exotic

Your youth is about experimenting, and
food is one department in which you should spread your wings. Embrace
crustaceans, such as sea-oysters or something that you would never
prepare at home and might never eat again. Live a little.

3. Try a Brazilian wax

Waxing, this is something that many women dread. Instead, they opt to have a close relationship with their trusty razor. But, for once, try to get that baby-smooth skin, so you can say, "Yes I tried it."

4. Have a Profession

Do not wander aimlessly from job to job.
In your 20s, you travel and enjoy life. By your 30th birthday, you
should know the path you really want your life to take and be on it. And
you definitely need to be out of your parents' house.

5. Get your visa and travel

You need to travel and explore the
world. Jamaica is a beautiful country with a rich culture, but you will
be surprised how open your mind becomes when you travel

6. Visit all 14 parishes

This is your home, the land of your birth. Almost every parish has its own version of our dialect and every parish has its own attraction. Get to know your own country. It's beautiful; you have no idea what treasures you are missing just around the corner.

7. Learn a foreign language

In this new global world, borders
are easily crossed without even leaving your home. Learn to communicate
not only with English speakers.

8. Participate in a 5k

Everyone is talking about a healthy lifestyle, so challenge yourself to participate in a 5K. It's not as hard as you think and it will leave you feeling accomplished.

9. Volunteer

There are so many who are less fortunate than you
are. Give back to the less fortunate through volunteering. You might not
have the money for charity, but you can always make the time. Trust me,
you will feel so much better after.

10. Sleepover

Have a girl's night with friends. Being an adult doesn't mean you can't have one sleepover and just be girls again. Remember how much fun you had as kids.

11. Hike

Do something adventurous. Hiking or zip lining would
give you that rush and have you feeling brave, even if your legs ache or
you scream like hell.

12. Learn to swim

We live on an
island. By definition, that means we are surrounded by water. Too many
Jamaicans can't swim. You do not have to be Alia Atkinson, but it would
be worth the try.

13. Go to a theme park

Yes, visit a theme park and go on the rides, and scream or laugh your heart out. This is the time to have fun.

14. Write a love poem

I know it sounds silly, and we are being
mushy, but what's a life without love? You do not have to give it to the
person. But never let it be said, you are not romantic.

15. Google yourself

Hey! Be idle time for two seconds. You will be surprised what comes up - or not. Type that name in Google NOW!

16. Karaoke

Let your hair down and belt out a tune on that microphone. Believe that you have the voice of Jennifer Hudson. We won't judge you, but we will laugh along with you.

17. Take a 'selfie'

'Selfies' are one trend that you might not be into it, but let your hair down. You don't have to post it to Instagram. This is harmless

18. Work at your dream job

We all have our dream job. The
younger we go after it is the better it will be. If it is all that you
have ever hoped it would be, you will be happy if it is not. You are
still young enough to go after another that just takes a few seconds.

19. Get your driver's licence

You may not be able to afford your dream car just yet, but getting your licence is a good way to start.

20. Fall in love or think you have

He might be the one that will
eventually break your heart, but until then, fall madly and hopelessly
in love. No other feeling

21. Learn your family history

We don't have for Jamaicans, but get to know the facts about your family as far back as you can go.compares to that.

22. Read five classics

They are called classics for a reason. They are among the best books ever written. If not five then, at least two. Just to say you have.

23. Watch a play

This is something everyone should experience just once, even if you're not a theatre buff.

24. Perform at a concert

It could be your church fun day, just do it!!


They say you should forgive and forget. For some of
us, that is really hard. But let it go. When you forgive, it relieves
some of the pain.

26. Do a DIY project

Not many of us are the 'crafty' type, but give it a try. It is so satisfying doing something with your hand.

27. Get a makeover

You know that transition from college to adulthood. The best way to say 'I am woman' is with a makeover.

28. Be in love with 'you'

We all have self-doubt; that moment when we do not know if we are where or who we want to be. Irrespective of that, we should have faith and love for that reflection that stares back at us daily.

29. Test drive your dream car or a sports car

You may not be able to afford it, but you would have driven it and felt its muscles.

30. Skinny-dip

Hey you only live once.