Thu | Sep 20, 2018

Ebola Facts

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Persons are infectious as long as their blood and secretions contain the Ebola virus. In one case, the Ebola virus was isolated from semen 61 days after onset of the disease in a man who was infected in a laboratory.

Men who have recovered from the disease can still transmit the virus through their semen for up to seven weeks after recovery from the illness.

Ebola can be contracted by touching contaminated needles or surfaces (for example, soiled clothing, bed linen).

Those who care for a person with the virus, prepare or come in contact with or touch the body of someone who died from Ebola are at high risk of getting the disease.

During an outbreak, those at higher risk of infection are health workers; family members, or others in close contact with infected people; and mourners who have direct contact with the bodies of the deceased.