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Put country before party, Madam PM

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: Since the mismanagement of the chikungunya virus outbreak, many dissatisfied with the response from Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson have called for him to resign.

Despite the obvious mismanagement, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller would never act on any call to dismiss him because it would not suit her party politically.

The philosophy of the prime minister seems to be party before country. After all, despite the many mishaps by members of the Government, the prime minister has been reluctant to discipline her comrades, unlike her counterpart in Trinidad and Tobago.

While it is admirable that the prime minister has taken some action to bring some sort of order to the management of the outbreak, there still exists a health minister who has demonstrated nothing but incompetence. Under the stewardship of Dr Ferguson, the health sector continues to deteriorate and all his response can be is that he did nothing wrong.

Madam Prime Minister, surprise us and remove the arrogant Dr Ferguson as minister of health. You will pay a greater price if you continue to ignore the signs of frustration and disappointment of the people than you will if you remove a comrade who has performed poorly.

Madam Prime Minister, are you for the People's National Party or are you for the people of the country?

Romaro Scott