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Buggery poll badly skewed

Published:Friday | October 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: The latest Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson poll has done nothing more than to reawaken the ignorant and baseless opposition to difference, which has been sleeping for a while now. It is rather untimely and unethical since it fosters further resentment surrounding an issue that is really one of human rights.

The research was not fairly done, superficial, and solicited particular answers by posing skewed and crudely phrased questions.

Because of how the questions were constructed, the internal validity is far from sufficient. What that poll really measured was how Jamaicans felt about men who have sex with men, as opposed to the issue of the law, its current state and appropriateness.

The inconsistencies in the description of the law in questions asked of respondents pointed out the angle/bias of the research and/or researcher. That, in my view is a direct manipulation of the public, particularly knowing how that portion of the population is already viewed.

Therefore, the statistics generated cannot be applied to represent the wider Jamaica's view on the existence and state of the law.

With that said, those already celebrating what they consider a wise choice by Jamaicans should do so tentatively. These results came on the heels of another poll which presents statistical fallout between Jamaicans and the current leadership. Emotions are high.

Those statistics only show that 91 per cent of Jamaicans need to be sensitised and re-educated before humanistic changes occur.


St Andrew