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Chik-V a blessing in disguise?

Published:Saturday | October 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Could it be that the chikungunya virus (chik-V) epidemic is a blessing in disguise for Jamaica? When I read the news headlines these days, it seems to me as though everyone is having a series of serious scares as this seemingly monstrous virus is not recognising classes, but is hitting persons from all walks of life.

Since the effects of chik-V have been so widespread in Jamaica, there has been a call for a national clean-up, and I have never seen so many persons pressuring the Government to put measures in place to ensure that this virus is contained.

When I hear of clean-up projects by the prime minister and her constituency, the police force, the health minister in his own constituency, and now Mayor Glendon Harris calling for a clean-up of Montego Bay, it signals that this virus is, in fact, a blessing in disguise. I strongly believe that despite the negative impact on persons' health, this virus is helping Jamaica to become clean.

The burden of getting Jamaica sanitary and maintaining it is not the responsibility of the parliamentarians alone, but it is also the work of every Jamaican who litters the roadways and gullies. Each person should take responsibility for his/her little corner so as to protect self and family.

Let each of us, therefore, use chik-V as a signal that our country needs our help, as together we strive to keep it clean and once again establish the sense of civic pride that we previously had for our surroundings.


Northern Caribbean University