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Schools in shambles

Published:Saturday | October 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The National Education Inspectorate visited some primary schools in 2013, many of which were given a failing grade. Some of these schools were considered top institutions in the primary education system. What happened along the way?

Is the Ministry of Education's demand for rounded students taking away from contact time? Is this shift system - set up to better accommodate an increasing number of primary-age students - gnawing away at the walls of our primary education system?

Alternatively, have the administrative bodies - including the school boards - become caught up in the politics of running our schools? Yes, there is such a thing! How are school boards made up or appointed? Who decides? I am concerned!

Destroying our hopes

If it is said once more, it will not be enough: politics is destroying our country, our dream of meeting Vision 2030, destroying our hopes of moving up from a Third World country.

The FEW good teachers that are out there are either being slyly held back from obtaining meaningful positions where they can actually make a difference or they are not being hired because they have no one to help push their employment. The not-so-good teachers are the ones getting these positions because of a method very much alive and well in Jamaica - 'links'! I am concerned!

What happens when all the good teachers are strategically pushed aside or are held back from wanting to help the children?


Ocho Rios, St Ann