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Rejuvenate your skin with Island Skin Line

Published:Sunday | October 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

Island Skin Line has come a far way from their Jamaica Browning Coffee Tanning Oil to body oils that replenish the skin, leaving it with a youthful glow.

The line by Jennifer Mahfood Forte has branched off into moisturising body oils after the success of the tanning oil.

When it comes to what goes into making the body oils. Mahfood Forte tells Outlook simply, "Pure essences mixed with love and peace." She continued, "The manufacturing process of these fragrant and essential oils includes the same base of coconut, almond and sesame oils. I choose super-hydrating oils that blend well together and suit the purpose, as well as meet my high standards."

What makes this process even better is the fact that she enjoys making them. "Typically, I start the process on my own or perhaps with one member of my trained staff. It is so relaxing to spend the time mixing and putting my creative forces together," she noted.

She currently has three body oils which can be used as bath and body oils. The names are Groovy, Inspire & Regenerate, and Comfort. The names were carefully selected to reflect each fragrance.

"Groovy was the first with vanilla-laced fragrance. I needed a catchy name and we had a friend named Groovy, and it just embraced the concept for all age groups. Having a catchy name behind the oil was important," Mahfood Forte explains. She continued, "Inspire & Regenerate is made of lavender fragrance and orange, part of my yoga essence line. Using lavender oil is very important as it has many therapeutic benefits. It is an effective mood-changing tonic and antidepressant. It helps to deal with psychological forces as well as improve circulation. Every home should have a bottle of lavender oil, if no other oil. Comfort Almond is a fragrant oil. The aroma is nurturing, so applying almond fragrance to the body has a comforting effect and, hence, Comfort was born."

Comfort was launched in December 2013, but her latest addition is Rose Water Facial Toner. This is not made with actual rose water, but rather the rose damascene oil that makes rose water. She decided on this oil because she believes that everyone should have a good facial-care regime and a toner is a perfect addition to that.

"Rose water is centuries old and well known for its superhydrating properties for skin of all ages. Toning is an important part of a facial-care routine, which supports and brings the skin back to its proper PH balance after cleansing and the aloe vera in the toner has healing properties," Mahfood Forte notes.

She recommends that, for best results, individuals should spritz their faces in the morning and afternoon before moisturising.

Mahfood Forte now has her eyes set on expanding the distribution of her all-natural products across the island. She believes that there is a huge benefit to using oils on the skin and being natural. These products work well for all skin types, and nothing makes her feel better than seeing people using her products.

"I love that people love my products and I love seeing them being used when I am at the beach ... there is no greater thrill," says Mahfood Forte.