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LETTER OF THE DAY - Madam Prime Minister, fire non-performing ministers, reset government

Published:Monday | October 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: If the Bill Johnson poll findings are anything to go by, I believe the prime minister has no choice but to fire non-performing ministers and reset her government. The ministers who need to go are obvious to each and every Jamaican.

Let us start with the obvious one, Dr Fenton Ferguson, now Jamaica's worst health minister. If there is one minister who epitomises catastrophic failure, arrogance, unpreparedness, pettiness and incompetence all in one, he is the shining star. His failure on every checklist option regarding chikungunya, including the self-publicised fact that he knew of its likely impact for over two years now and the epidemic started in his constituency, is more than enough to dismiss and isolate him from any other Cabinet post.

On top of that, his handling of our crumbling public health infrastructure, with people dying on hospital floors, brings into sharp focus his very poor leadership skills, lack of vision and buffoonery at best. The health portfolio needs a management and visionary dynamo.

Another minister deserving the boot is Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell. There can be no more excuses. Energy costs are way too high. His raft of empty promises and missed deadlines are enough to have him repositioned. US 42 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity is a death knell to serious growth in Jamaica's economy. We need a minister of energy who understands deadlines and will move mountains to reach them.

Logistics hub

Also, Jamaica is completely bored with Anthony Hylton, the minister of industry, investment and commerce. His long, monotonous speeches on the logistics hub have him living in fool's paradise. He has failed to deliver on Jamaica biggest cry, jobs, jobs, jobs. Mr Hylton is out of sync with what real business is, and he is major stumbling block to economic progress. He has to go.

Finally, the prime minister herself needs to do some serious introspection. The fact that Fenton Ferguson is still the minister of health is cancerous for her government, alienating huge swathes of People's National Party supporters and putting real fear into the consciousness of every Jamaica in this time of international public-health crises.

Madam Prime Minister, your Government needs a shake-up.


Kingston 19