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Get creative in mosquito fight

Published:Tuesday | October 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: If there are now seven chikungunya cases in Florida, and a free-travelling populace between the United States and the Caribbean, can't we join forces in protecting one another from this danger? Jamaica needs a healthy populace to thrive and avert a tourism season killing event.

Can't we get shipments of treated mosquito netting to create environments in which it is safe to enjoy one's home, garden and veranda? I disagree with a Jamaican friend who suggested that mosquito netting is not part of our culture and smacks of colonialism.

If your baby or elderly relative is taking a nap during the day, you want them protected by a net. You want to read or watch TV under a net.

If the Government imported DEET, with which lightweight tropical appropriate clothing could be manufactured and treated, and lightweight socks and mosquito netting could be treated - hey! There's an industry!

'Tun yu han mek fashion' and 'What's spoiled turns style' are important philosophies. Get those sewing machines going making local netting products and treating lightweight clothing. Is there a better way to prepare for Christmas? Christmas a come mi waan me laama to be treated with DEET!


Malvern, St Elizabeth