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HEART mag brought back great memories

Published:Tuesday | October 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I have to thank your newspaper and the board of directors of HEART/NTA for this very spectacular and informative magazine publication in the Sunday, October 5 edition of The Gleaner. I have not finished reading it through, but even the caption of this publication lifts me on my way to the other world. My eyes have seen the glory and development of TVET.

As the first principal of VTDI (1969-1978) and as the Jamaican selected, along with Mr Albert Alleyne of Trinidad and Tobago, by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to observe similar training organisations in South America and to imbibe their information and rationale for such training of any workforce, please permit me to express my profound gratitude for the publication and to make a few observations.

1) Yes, Edward Seaga was the pioneer of HEART Trust, but tripartite NTA was established under Michael Manley after 1989, though it was in the document (the act). The small picture of Mr Seaga on the inside should have been on the front page as he only had the courage to bring legislation for the levy on employers, the prior failure of which caused the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the ILO experts to depart Jamaica in 1975 quite deflated.

2) Somewhere in the publication, the International Labour Organisation could have been mentioned, as well as the fact that when Michael Manley changed ideology, he saw the wisdom of retaining and developing the programme, as suggested in my book Compelled to Obey the TVET Way, challenging the philosophy of education.

3) It could have been useful to the general public as well as to experts in training if the impressive picture of the members of the board of directors had indicated whether the board was truly tripartite, comprising employment, labour and government representatives.

I repeat: My eyes have seen the glory of what the UNDP/ILO/GOJ began in 1969 towards an integrated, flexible and responsive TVET system of preparing the Jamaican labour force.

Thank you, board and publishers.


Mandeville, Manchester