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Holidays must not harm business

Published:Wednesday | October 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

am not proposing a reduction of the number of public holidays, as
indicated by Mr Timothy Cawley in his letter published on Monday,
October 13. My proposal is for Independence Day and Emancipation Day to
be celebrated on Monday and Friday, respectively.

I agree with Mr
Cawley that public holidays are meant for "rest, reflection and, in some
cases, celebration," and assert that these goals would be greater
served if non-religious, national holidays be observed at the end of the
week, rather than midweek.

Under my proposal, the public has
access to a long weekend for celebration uninterrupted by working days
in-between and the business sector can more efficiently manage
downtime/loss of productivity and lower cost of manufacturing overheads.

there may be a boost for our hotel, entertainment and transport
industries as families visit resorts across Jamaica, and there are
opportunities for more national celebrations and family-based
entertainment activities.

Keeping the same number of public
holidays, but restructuring the day of the week on which they are
observed, is a position supported by many members of the business and
manufacturing sectors. I am confident that, with this clarification, Mr
Cawley and other members of the community will agree that we can
dedicate Saturday and Sunday for God, Monday for Independence and
Tuesday we get back to work!


Chairman, Lascelles

Affiliated Companies