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Franklyn and Boyne's analysis refreshing

Published:Wednesday | October 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: Delano Franklyn's 'A closer look at the polls' and Ian Boyne's 'Can Portia bounce back?' (Sunday Gleaner, October 12, 2014) were two refreshing instances of a level of maturity so often bankrupt in our general and more pointedly political discourse.

Mr Franklyn, though having a vested interest to defend, didn't descend into the usual unpalatable, childish, counter-attacking diatribe that instinctively occasions responses to issues such as this.

Instead, as the article so rightly titled went beyond the superficiality to do calm, collected, contextual analytic processing of the results, the latter in effect, the art of how polls should be viewed.

Mr Boyne, the consummate maestro when it comes to fair, honest, non-partisan perspective, was spot on. Time and time again, even when it goes against the grain of his own beliefs, he is singular, characteristically giving due where it should be given; this piece was no less demonstrative of how he practises his craft.

His groundings this week call attention to that element which is so glaringly absent from our body politic - the ability to put national interest over political self-interest, that key ingredient which would herald our political maturity and help to move us forward.

Indeed, Mr Boyne cites a union of the political divide, political magnanimity in this critical period of our economic life. Our survival depends on it.