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Leadership lost in translation

Published:Wednesday | October 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: Like a lot of your readers, I have been following the results of the Bill Johnson polls published in The Gleaner that show the PNP-led Government seeming to have fallen out of favour with an increasing number of Jamaicans.

While your paper and any number of Jamaicans might want to focus on the seemingly waxing and waning fortunes of both the PNP and JLP, I wonder how many are looking at a major underlying theme of these polls: the lack of leadership in Jamaica.

If, as has been reported here in The Gleaner, the economy is growing, yet folks are claiming that it's headed in the wrong direction, there is a problem in communication.

Yes, there are lagging indicators when an economy is emerging from a recession, but the findings also point to the fact that the Government is doing a lousy job communicating to Jamaicans that things are getting better.

effective communication

This is something that you can't blame solely on the utterances of its detractors and the Opposition. Rather, this is a pattern that has seemingly established itself in not just effectively communicating any progress in the economy but in outlining our problems and the tough, but necessary choices that have to address or fix them. This has been the case, regardless of whichever of the two major parties has led the Government.

So, yes, folks are not happy with how things are, but if in the next five to 10-plus years from now, Jamaica finds itself on a firmer economic growth footing and an ever-falling un(der)employ-ment rate, hopefully more Jamaicans would have looked back at this period with more of a sense of gratitude and less of disappointment.


Georgia, United States