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'Conviction' ruled out Dennis - Green

Published:Wednesday | October 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The Winston Chung-Fah led Santos FC Limited's new board of directors insists that long-serving administrator and coach, Carlton 'Spanner' Dennis, was not considered for a top position on their executive because of a criminal conviction.

Founder Chung-Fah was elected chairman at a directors' meeting last Friday.

However, Dennis, under advice from his lawyer not to attend the meeting, is challenging the legality of the new board.

Huntley Green, who was a director on Dennis' board, but is now part of the Chung-Fah unit, is adamant that they did everything the right way.

"It wasn't a general meeting. It was a directors' meeting, hence, we needed a quorum of three directors, and also, the notice was given within four days as stated in the constitution," Green told The Gleaner yesterday.

Green said because of a personal situation, Dennis was not earmarked for a top position on the new executive.

"He was convicted in the Half-Way-Tree RM court, and because of that, we decided to move him from the position of chairman of Santos FC," Green disclosed. "Chung-Fah had earlier offered him a different position, but he did not accept."

Spanner is selfish

Green added: "Spanner is selfish. He is not the owner. We appreciate the work he has done, but we can't allow him to continue. He should have stepped aside."

Dennis is still in charge of the club's Super League team, but Green said they would not interfere until the matter is settled.

Dennis, though, remains adamant and says he won't back down, as the new executive body has no right to take over the club.

"They don't have any right. We are still in charge of Santos. We will take the matter wherever it takes us. I am the first person to pay players (at Santos FC). I have also acquired a lease at Caxton Park and have taken care of many players," Dennis disclosed.

When quizzed about his conviction, Dennis said he won't talk about that.

"If they want to play dirty, I can do so, too," he warned.

respect for santos

Meanwhile, several football administrators expressed a hope that the matter will be settled amicably and in the best interest of football.

"I won't comment on an issue I'm not fully aware of," said Jamaica Football Federation president Captain Horace Burrell. "However, I am hoping that it is settled soon. Santos is a household name in football."

Clyde Jureidini, general manager of Harbour View Football Club and Premier League Clubs' Association (PLCA) general secretary, said: "At any club, if you can improve management, that is a good thing. We forever respect Santos, as Harbour View was born out of Santos. Most of the players were at Santos. I hope the matter will be over soon."

Andrew Price, general manager of the PLCA, also called for the matter to be resolved.

"There is very little that I can say. I guess that there is more than meets the eye. I believe that there is a role that everyone can play in the renaissance of the great club," said Price, who is also head coach of Boys' Town FC.

- Marc Stamp