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More Business In Brief

Published:Thursday | October 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Sterling lists at $134 per share

Sterling Investments Limited joined the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Monday, October 13, at a listing price of $134 per share.

The investment company listed 4,014,547 ordinary shares by introduction, valuing SIL at $538 million.

The listing was arranged by Proven Wealth Limited and GK Capital. SIL is managed by Sterling Assets Management Limited, a company headed by Charles Ross.

New weed killer for engineered crops

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a new version of a popular weed killer to be used on genetically modified corn and soybeans.

The EPA said on Wednesday that it will allow the use of a 2,4-D weed killer called Enlist Duo. The herbicide is designed to be used on corn and soybeans grown with engineered seeds approved by the US Agriculture Department last month.

When used together, farmers can spray the fields after the plants emerge, killing the weeds, but leaving crops unharmed.

The agriculture industry has anxiously awaited the approvals, as many weeds have become resistant to glyphosate, an herbicide commonly used on genetically modified corn and soybeans now.

Critics say they are concerned that the increased use of 2,4-D could endanger public health as more study on the chemical is needed.