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The truth about 'gov't worker' outfits

Published:Thursday | October 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM


'Government worker' outfits are usually cool and plain. They are easy to distinguish by the multi-coloured polyester top and matching plain nylon skirt/pant, along with a vest or jacket. Apart from being distinctive, such outfits cover the workers as a unit.

I am certain it was never Keneea Linton-George's intention in any way to "disparage" the outfits worn by government workers, as was claimed by letter writer David Brown ('Mission Catwalk' host rude to gov't workers', October 13, 2014). Mrs Linton-George is a well-respected and successful fashion designer and TV producer. The last time I checked, there was freedom of speech, and frankly, the outfit was rather dull and boring.

'Mission Catwalk' is undoubtedly one of the Jamaica's most successful fashion competitions, which has produced stellar designers each year. The advice given by the knowledgeable judges are usually on point and appreciated, and have positively redirected some of these upcoming designers.

Let the point be made that we are facing economic challenges: government workers, private workers, self-employed persons, even the man on the corner. There is no need to exaggerate this because we are all making sacrifices one way or another.

The author failed to note that Mrs Linton-George also said it was an ordinary piece of fabric, which it was. The outfit would have taken on more life if it had been made with a different fabric. The simple comment did not need to be blown out of proportion, as it was merely an opinion.