Tue | Aug 21, 2018

Take responsibility for your safety

Published:Thursday | October 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Our country, once again, has displayed what I would consider total ignorance of the function of a government. And this ignorance has been exploited by the Opposition for political mileage. After all the clutter, there will be Jamaicans hoodwinked into thinking that the current crisis is no one's fault but the Government. This perception could be no more further from the truth.

In order to avoid the misunderstanding, let's be practical about the portion of the blame that cannot be escaped by the Government. The Government must be blamed for launching a sensitisation programme on the chikungunya virus that should have been more comprehensive and the lack of a designated disease-control framework, which resulted in a fragmented response to the crisis. These two factors were further exacerbated by the lack of prearranged funding to respond to an epidemic of this scale, further contributing to our current state of affairs.

Jamaica has not been alone in the struggle to contain the outbreak, in part, because of the difficulty of limiting mosquito breeding grounds. The Dominican Republic had almost 90,000 reported cases and there was no blame being laid squarely at the foot of the government there.

The unreasonableness of the Jamaican people is only superseded by their 'irresponsiblility' and their unwillingness to be accountable for the protection of themselves and their families. The Government is being flogged because they didn't take the time out to go around to all the homes in Jamaica, and rid them of mosquito breeding sites. How impractical is this expectation when most of the breeding sites have been created by the poor garbage disposal practices over the years.

I implore the people of Jamaica to wake up and take responsibility for their safety. The actions being taken to stem the tide by both local and central Government can only be effective if everyone decides to clean their little corner of the rock.