Sun | Aug 19, 2018

More International News in Brief - Iran looks at compromise nuke offer

Published:Friday | October 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Iran is considering a United States (US) proposal at nuclear talks that would allow it to keep more of its nuclear infrastructure intact while still reducing its ability to make an atomic bomb, two diplomats told The Associated Press yesterday.

At issue is Iran's uranium enrichment programme, which can make both reactor fuel and the fissile core of nuclear arms. Tehran insists the programme is only for future energy needs. Iran is refusing US demands that it cut the number of working enriching centrifuges from nearly 10,000 to only a few thousand. That dispute has been the main stumbling block to progress since the talks began early this year.

North Korea praises rights record in draft resolution


North Korea on Wednesday circulated a draft United Nations (UN) resolution praising its own human rights record in a rare effort to counter the international community's growing condemnation of the way it treats its people.

In a closed meeting, dozens of diplomats sat in perplexed silence after the North handed out copies, said it has "nothing to hide," and invited questions and comments.

China, Pyongyang's top ally, finally spoke up and said it strongly opposes resolutions that interfere in a country's internal affairs and hurt mutual trust. The European Union (EU) and Japan have teamed up on a separate resolution that sharply criticises North Korea's human rights record.

The EU then told the North Koreans that Pyongyang's recent contacts with EU officials have been welcome, but that doesn't mean its resolution criticising the North will be withdrawn.