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So you want HIV, Minister Ferguson?

Published:Friday | October 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The minister of health has intimated that it would be a good thing for him to contract the chikungunya virus, which would equip him with a better understanding of the plight of those so affected. This thoughtless nonsense being uttered by Dr Fenton Ferguson has confirmed his shameless departure from a once-considered rare position of reason and measure in a government absorbed by arrogance.

Are we to understand that the minister would be desirous of contracting HIV in order to appreciate the suffering of those living with AIDS?

The bankruptcy of our society is self-evident in this ridiculous gibberish. However, that the minister entertains the audacity to verbalise such disdainful, condescending and inconsequential tripe confirms the effrontery which has become entrenched in our governance.

Had it not been that Dr Ferguson's series of folly translated to serious consequences for our nation, we could have cheered him on and engage in his fool's errand.

The management of our nation's governance has been hijacked by unabashed thoughtlessness and a demonstrable lack of critical analysis. It is no wonder, despite significant foreign direct investment over two decades and major infrastructural development, we have not been able to realise considerable improvement in the standard of living for a critical mass of our people.

Our Government and Parlia-ment represent a circus, where our legislators, in the main, meet to indulge in self-asserting arrogance at the expense of our country's welfare. At this rate, we are predestined for perpetual socio-economic malaise. What a mess! What a shame for our country!


Montego Bay, St James