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Homeless people take refuge in Negril

Published:Saturday | October 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator

WESTERN BUREAU:Chairman of the Negril Resort Board, Cliff Reynolds, has expressed concern about the growing number of homeless people who are seen wandering some of the streets of the resort town.

According to him, he has contacted the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) in a bid to obtain assistance to place these persons in institutions where they can be adequately cared for.

"We are having some very serious problems, and it's getting more and more worse. Street persons are taking over the town. Some of them are of unsound mind and otherwise," Reynolds said, during the regular monthly meeting of the Negril Resort Board, recently.

"I have made representation to the TPDCo board. It is a delicate issue. You have to have somewhere to house these persons. We have to keep making efforts to solve the situation, because we don't want to wait until one of these days, on one of these social media, as to how we treat our own natives and, trust me, I am trying to avoid it," he added.

serious problem

But chairman of the Lucea Development Initiative, Nerris Hawthorne, said the problem was not limited to Negril, but that a similar situation obtains in Hanover's capital.

"Lucea also has got a very serious problem with street people and the discussions are mainly about Negril, but the problems you have in Negril, we (Hanoverians) have them too," Hawthorne said.

Proprietor of Couples Resorts, Lee Issa, who was in attendance, said it was the responsibility of the Government to provide care for the street people, and suggested that a letter outlining the problem be written to the relevant minister.

"We have to look after those who are less fortunate and I don't think we should just leave it there. We have a government that we put in power to govern us and I think we need to ask the relevant minister to ask what they recommend as a solution," Issa said.