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anne martin IMAN sole Jamaican agent

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

IMPALA INC, the parent company for IMAN Cosmetics, seeks to offer more parity in pricing between the Caribbean Region and the United States (US) mainland, given the proximity. According to Desirée Reid, senior vice-president, brand development at Iman, Jamaicans will also now experience similar marketing programmes as the US, on the same time frame. This is in keeping with the company's objective to provide a more consistent global marketing of the brand.

Earlier this month, IMPALA INC signed an agreement with anne martin, as the sole agent responsible for distribution of the brand to retailers across the island. This appointment will tighten the supply chain, thus removing the recent proliferation of products, and the unauthorised selling of the products.

The more affordable pricing of this 20-year-old brand, formulated by the Somalian-born supermodel Iman, will now be within reach of many more Jamaicans.

IMAN Cosmetics has a comprehensive line of skin-care products and make-up, ideal for a wide range of skin types. Jamaicans are unique in that there exists here an interesting mix of hues resulting from varying interracial unions. IMAN Cosmetics continues to innovate by introducing new products, the most recent being the new Correct and Cover Concealer Creme. The creation of IMAN's Mobile Beauty App has resulted in the convergence of make-up and technology. IMAN Cosmetics' thrust to integrate the marketing programmes of the US with the Caribbean reflects IMAN Cosmetics' commitment to the continuous empowerment of beautiful women with skin of colour of Jamaica.

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