Tue | Aug 14, 2018

Do better, Andrew

Published:Tuesday | October 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: Allow me space
in your paper to voice a pressing concern of national importance. It
seems like it has now become customary for the leader of the opposition,
Andrew Holness, to be absent from national events. As a case in point,
he missed the Grand Gala Independence ceremony, two years in a row, and
today (Monday) he was again missing in action from the National Heroes
Day Awards Ceremony. Last week, in the midst of the chik-V epidemic, he
was also missing from the meeting called by the prime minister to
address the crisis that they (the opposition) themselves were more than
late in addressing. For all intents and purposes, it appears that Mr
Holness cannot handle the business of leader of the opposition since he
seems to have more pressing, and far more important issues to deal with.
But the truth is, this mass absence on the part of a government
official, and leader of the opposition at that, did not occur when
Jamaica was most polarised during the era of Michael Manley and Edward
Seaga. This leads us to the obvious but weighty question of his
leadership. Can Andrew Holness move Jamaica forward? Must we as a
country look forward to a future Jamaica which does not celebrate
important events in the life of our country? Again, I question his
system of victimisation for those who do not support his ideas. This
system was most reflected after the November 2013 Jamaica Labour Party
leadership race and it can surely continue into the governance of this
country if he should, God forbid, be elected prime minister.

Oneil Hall